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    Originally posted by Youraputz:
    As usual, another long winded reply from Sylvan LMP. I’m surprised it took you this long to reply to my posting.You must have been busy appearing as an “expert witness” somewhere, inflating your billings<< NO sir YOUR the BALL PARK moron giving a BALL PARK number from left Field. My Numbers ARE not inflated it is published HOURLY rate or any part there of $225 PER HR min of 4 HOURS plus I am SURE a moron like You and Jack can fully understand this pricing

    or busy embellishing your credentials < I dont have to GUY as I said it doesnt mean a thing if you dont use it to your full capability

    to some unknowing customer.anyways, my original remarks still stand. Your reply just confirms what a boring, longwinded AH you are.< BUT if it is BORNING then Why do you come back YOUR part of the fan club guy admit it YOUR the loser who loves to watch the net BAD BOY instoll my wissdom on DUMMIES like Jack and losers like you Thanks for confirming my original suspicions.

    ONCE a putz THEN always a PUTZ

    PLEASE continue to REAd and comment as the Counter of my HITS are growing STEADILY as YOU made me a STAR in your drab boring life PLEASE RESPOND asap as I want to BREAK the 250 MILLION mark BEFORE 2001 Thank you again Putz abd SEND my best to your 2 BATZAM Friends.

    AH the problems of BEING on the top looking down at you little people.
    NOW please post SOMETHIMNG AS I know your now hooked onto my fan club. Have a great day my friend
    And keep sending more of your friends on here to LERN fro US experts PLEASE look forward to my NEXT article PUTZ in the SEWER

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