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    QUOTE]Originally posted by Youraputz:< ANSWER is this YOUR name Or your Families HERITAGE?

    sylvan: You’re about as funny as a head on collision!!<


    Only if you are in front on the van using your head instead of your name PUTZ

    JO’s statement

    “Even though this person did not give specific information to give a ballpark “

    Hey Putzman How much copper would this gentleman need? What size diameter? What is the labor rate in his area? PUTZ your more ignorant then ANYONE I have ever seen on this list congratulation YOUR the DUMBEST yet to come out from under a rock

    YOU sir are really a AH in disguise NO WONDER your ASHAMED to use your FAMILY name as they would be embarrassed BY you PUTZ fits you perfectly

    figure for a waterline redo,

    What about RESTORATION you IDIOT or is that FREE?

    Are the walls wood, plaster or marble or Wire lath? HEY YOU give a “BALL PARK NUMBER WELL HUH?? tell me an answer LOL DUH JO

    Plumbing is NOT A GUESSING GAME .Even if I knew the sized piping in Question HOW do you know for a fact it was Origionally piped right?

    Are you the kind of IDIOT who is a replacement specialist putting back Exactly what you take out with total disregard to proper pipe sizing as per flow recommended flow charts.

    Statement By Mr. Ashamed by his GIVEN NAME

    why do you have to be such a pompous ass with you reply?

    Answer: Because its FUN getting GUYS like YOU with no life to READ my comments, And its HUMOR SARCASTIC YES but STILL humor to the smart readers who CAN READ BETWEEN THE LINES.

    You only READ comments and NEVER contribute any thing BUT take all your life like LEACHES of society.

    WHY don’t YOU post something about ANY thing worth while?
    Come on Putz try writing ok?

    Statement>> People come to sites like this for some help, not to be humiliated and belittled.

    ANSWER> Apparently, Your the one who is belittled as YOUR not too Bright it would appear ASKING for a LEFT FIELD number sight unseen. No wonder your ashamed to give your name A COWARD huh?

    Reminds me of a guy I knew in Nam who threw away his dog tags and never told us his name in case he “got it” he didn’t want his family to know. He went as far as acid burning off his finger prints.

    Statement>you’re a regular columnist to this site as well,submitting articles here, so in a way,you represent this site and your conduct is a direct reflection to this site. I’m not impressed,<

    Answer THEN PUTZ why don’t you WRITE an ARTICLE instead of LEACHING off my idea’s? Besides you Being a PUTZ are not to be impressed OK Schmuck?

    You have NOT IMPRESSED me with your skill at showing your Gray matter OK Ball park mentality

    Statement from Mr. PUTZ >and after reading the postings of other regulars, apparently I’m not alone!

    Answer Oh YES you are alone in the “Ball park ” all by yourself at night with your PUTZ in your hand I would assume by your lack of professional mentality.

    Statement. Do you treat your own customers as poorly as you treat others on this site??
    Answer >Yes, if they are a PUTZ like you are kind sir.
    ONLY a Certifiable IDIOT or YOU would give a number sight unseen on a REPIPE

    Statement> You seem to have more than your share of certifications and qualifications for this industry.

    Answer. Hey Dude/PUTZ it DOESN’T MEAN A THING as I am STILL learning my profession EVERY DAY.

    The Diplomas and the licenses and all the degrees don’t mean a DAMN THING if your not able to pass some of the education along EVEN to JERKS like you.

    STATEMENT>However you seem to be missing a few important ones such as “tact” and a Personality.

    Answer. What kind of “TACT” should I show someone who is not only ashamed of his name BUT is a COWARD hiding using his first name “PUTZ” which in this case is so TRUE to the meaning

    Statement. Use your own site to bore others with your self importance, not here.


    Answer> I have over 2 million READERS per year on my international sites and It has nothing to do with “self importance” It may have to do with YOUR total lack of respect for yourself and your shame of letting folks know WHO or what YOU are.

    When I meet the President of the United States TWICE ( asked to be on the presidents commission of housing BUT the position DIDNT PAY enough) and meeting presidents of Several other countries I work for I am the same person as I am on here, BUT then again I am not ASHAMED of my Family NAME and these folks are slightly smarter THEN you can ever hope to be.

    I CANNOT STAND STUPIDITY like YOURS saying give a number ANY NUMBER.

    I get on the average 300 E mails a week asking plumbing/ heating/ drain cleaning and fire suppression questions and NO ONE BUT you EVER asked for a BALL PARK number in dollars and Cents for a sight unseen Job with NO INFORMATION given.

    OK PUTZ Have a GREAT week end and PLEASE keep the fan mail coming as it pays my bills. Keep READING MY postings and let me know how to keep YOU coming back
    YOUR the BEST one YET

    PLEASE CALL AGAIN you ALL have a good time HEAR

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