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    sylvan: You’re about as funny as a head on collision!! Even though this person did not give specific information to give a ballpark figure for a waterline redo, why do you have to be such a pompous ass with you reply? People come to sites like this for some help, not to be humiliated and belittled. Apparently, you’re a regular columnist to this site as well,submitting articles here, so in a way,you represent this site and your conduct is a direct reflection to this site. I’m not impressed, and after reading the postings of other regulars, apparently I’m not alone!Do you treat your own customers as poorly as you treat others on this site?? You seem to have more than your share of certifications and qualifications for this industry. However you seem to be missing a few important ones such as “tact” and a Personality. Use your own site to bore others with your self importance, not here.

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