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    Your in luck as the home I just repiped was a one family home that had old yellow brass piping which we replaced with all above ground copper type “L” and below ground was K copper.
    OK ILL figure your home is the same size as this one which has 9 bathrooms and 2 kitchens plus a wet bar and a Jacuzzi

    Not including the outside hose connections Or the fire suppression sprinkler piping You can figure just over $850,000 BUT it can be done under capital improvement so you can avoid the tax.

    Figure each bathroom was piped with 3 lines hot Cold and return circulation

    FIXTURES and faucets not included in this bargain price.

    Now since you did not give me any
    information as to HOW MANY BATHROOMS kitchens Or WET BARS or hot water tanks/ Boilers or cooling towers Or the GPM demand Or the actual size of your pump in horse power Or pipe diameter I can only assume your actual developed length is under 10,000 ft

    Wall breaking and restoration BY OTHERS

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