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Avatar photoSylvanLMP

    Wow this proves your out of your mind HELPER

    I said I saw it BUT I would NEVER install one except possibly in low income one family housing like you must live in.

    I happen to like Symmons, Bradley,
    wolverine, Chicago and Speakman.

    You being a helper have the home center mentality as you never bothered to learn about the problems the moen faucet had as far as mixing hot and cold water through a CLOSED Valve.

    I would again STRONGLY suggest “Helper” you get out of this trade as your never ever going to be anything but coffee boy.

    LUCKY your union in Chicago does cover up for stumblebums and someday LAD YOU can be a shop steward as YOU certainly will never be a journeyman to be TRUSTED to go out alone.

    Why not join UNTALENTED John and dig ditches?

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