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    OK Dorothy, it sounds as if you awoke with an abundance of energy this morning.

    Instructions to remove and install water closet:
    1.) Turn off water supply at valve on wall behind water closet.
    2.) Flush water closet to drain water from bowl, tank. Sponge out any remaining water in tank.
    3.) Disconnect water supply line from water closet tank.
    4.) Remove plastic bolt cover and loosen nuts on the water closet bolts, and remove.
    5.) Lift water closet off of bolts and remove.
    6.) Remove old wax ring and install new.
    7.) Place new water closet over bolts and push down onto wax ring the new water closet, securing to floor.
    8.) Replace and tighten nuts to bolts.
    9.) Re-install water line to tank.
    10.) Turn on water service valve.
    Good Luck,
    The Local Plumber
    Tustin, California

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