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    erry, Have you given ANY thought to why a point of use is the best way to go?

    Thinking like a highly skilled professional and not like a contractor looking to create work lets consider the following.

    Point of use hot water is NOT NEW its been around for many years.

    Forgetting the helpers lack of mentality and lets think like a semi mechanic.

    1- Point of use LESS PIPING in the structure to go wrong. One cold water line connected very close to the source.

    2- No stand by losses like happen with a gas/electric/oil heater.

    3- No need for RETURN Circulation lines required

    4- No chance of bacteria build up in a tank some home inspector turned down to a ridiculous low temperature of 100 degrees

    5- If this one point of use goes bad the entire system is not effected

    6- Less waste of precious water as the folks ONLY use the water they need as the POINT of use can be adjusted Or preset for the desired temperature

    7- Less waste of copper tubing as ONE LINE is needed.

    8- Less valves and other fittings are required.

    YUP I SURE CAN UNDERSTAND why someone would be against efficient systems.

    Us LMPs thankfully try to save our clients money and unneeded piping where applicable WITHOUT cutting corners or the publics safety

    Thankfully THE LMP does protect the health of the Nation

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