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    Sabin, In, NY we had one area that was known for hard water.

    The Jamaica water supply was from well water and a lot of the older homes had Galvanized lines blocked up with sediment.

    Listing to a “Helper” I have to laugh as Jamaica water supply would come out for FREE and disconnect their meter from the main and blow out the lines to get almost full flow restored.

    With over 60 PSI pressure. This was well over 30 years ago (I was an apprentice at that time)

    They did have the home owners sign a general release in case a pipe should rupture and they also were released from all liability in case the sediment became so packed it would render the branch or main useless.

    This was a stop gap procedure that only gave folks possibly another 20 + years of service depending on the piping integrity.

    The last person to ever get advice from is someone who knows MUCH LESS THEN YOU (like a schlepper)

    You had limited choices either taking this chance Or going for a re pipe job you honestly didn’t have much in the way of options

    Time will tell how well you made out.

    What you bought was time to think about if you want to move, re pipe it or leave it status quo for possibly the next few years.

    What a helpers mind cannot comprehend is common sense approach to things.

    The piston did the job and thats all that counts

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