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    Harold and Pops a helper/Apprentice/STUMBLE BUM UNLICENSED “plumber” are of the same mentality.

    An APPRENTICE is a helper and NO WAY a Qualified journeyman. Reading this helpers remarks about the home owner testing the T&P shows his apprentice training is wasted on him.

    ONLY an IDIOT or a BILLY BUTT CRACK would assume the home owner was CAPABLE of testing this device.

    Some home owners are disabled and cant climb down a basement stairs. Some home owners KNOW better to “test a device Unless they have a replacement near by”

    The Lack of common decency and skills in a “helpers” mind is amazing.

    The school explosion in Oklahoma was caused by the SAME mentality or lack of like a STUMBLE bums dabbling in plumbing.

    Suppose a home owner was STUPID enough to allow an unlicensed GUY like KNOW NOTHING HELPER/Apprentice into their home to “test” the T&P and it starts to leak WHAT does this brain dead helper do now?

    Leave it leaking?

    Run to Home depot to get another one?

    Do nothing let it leak?

    Tell the home owner OOPS ILL Be Back?

    Shut off the gas water and GO AWAY?

    Only helpers or unknowing idiot would “test” something and NOT be prepared to replace it if it Failed.

    This is why an apprenticeship SHOULD be made into a 10 YEAR program as more non skilled people it seems are seeping through the cracks, being push out into the field with no reason powers what so ever .

    TESTING and common sense should be a priority of being allowed into a training program.

    I personally would fire the apprentice and THEN bring him before the plumbing industry board for removal for putting life and property at risk BUT hey I also don’t hire STUMBLE BUMS to go out and test devices they have no knowledge of

    Pops, Thankfuly you did retire so you dont have to deal weith nit wits pulling levers that they have no clue to what to do after they pull it.

    A little bit of training is a VERY SCARY thing to turn lose on the unsuspecting public.

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