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    This message is to Fourth Year. Remind all us decent citizens to not tread through your mind. The attacks from you sir are so very uncalled for. You in one breath quickly judge others while you throw two stones to their one. Your lack of respect for this list is obvious. The person asked a question of plumbing and you did not even attempt an answer. Your response was only to jump in on Sylvan’s advice and pick up one word to touch up to create a subject to make a Jack Ass of yourself. Stumble Bum is simply another term for inadequate BBC doing things they aren’t qualified to do. In my humble opinion, you are way out of line.
    Harold and Sylvan have contributed to this list greatly. If Sylvan’s NYC personality comes out, it’s refreshing to most of us. The world is full of UPTIGHT people with no sense of humor.
    The advice that was given to this person regarding his water heater was accurate by Sylvan and Harold. Where was your professional reply.
    Let me ask you a personal question, Fourth year, How many jobs have you had in your four years. You remain nameless and that alone tells us a great deal.
    I hope you’re here to learn for your contributions sure haven’t taught anyone anything. Listen and Learn. You may pick up some real plumbing techniques and above that, you may pick up some people skills. One isn’t much good without the other. Peace be with you, son.

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