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    HI Dan, Lucky you asked the right heating expert in hydronics (ME) :-)

    OK the probable causes of excessive pressure in a hot water heating system are the following

    1- The expansion tank is flooded

    2-The expansion bladder gave up either the ghost Or the bladder lost some of its charge

    3- The automatic feeder NORMALLY set 12-15 psi is malfunctioning allowing street pressure in to the system

    4- Someone opened by pass OR the fast fill feature of the automatic feeder

    5- If you have a tankless coil this coil sprung a leak and is allowing FULL main pressure into this system

    6- This boiler has excessive air in the system that is allowing this air to compress and thus build up pressure (air can be compressed and water cant)

    7- Your Aqua stat controller (high limit) is not working and allowing excessive pressure/temperature relationship.

    Most lightly it is the expansion tank OR tankless coil is applicable

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