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    Hey helper you got it backwards (as usual)

    It is 1 apprentice for every 3-5 mechanics.
    What good is an apprentice without guidence?

    No one in their right mind would ever trust a “helper” without VERY close supervision to do anything mechanical

    Besides the better plumbing codes do require a journeymen’s license to perform work under the DIRECT Employ of the Master plumber.

    A few Master plumbers did have their licenses revoked for allowing HELPERS to dabble out in the field alone and unprotected from themselves.

    Unfortunately a helper doesn’t even know they know anything but the very basics just enough to get themselves in trouble.

    NYC at one time would not allow a journeyman to even take the master test without actually having proof they actually worked in the trade for 10 years prior to taking the exam.

    I yet to see a “Helper” who could get a coffee order straight for his mechanic and tutor let alone know ANYTHING about the codes required.

    Listen apprentice in about 10 years YOU may be a decent mechanic as even a journeyman is still NOT ALLOWED to own their own plumbing business they are still come under the master plumbers license.

    Even when I was a U/A Class A journeyman and was paid mechanics money in my 3rd year of apprenticeship I was still an apprentice LEARNING which is what you should be doing instead of giving such bad advice out here.

    Once you realize your NEVER going to “know it all” that is half the battle.

    IM still learning every day

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