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    Hi Joshua, As a “plumber” I just cant stupidity and wrong advice especially given by a helper who by all rights should never be left unattended on a job.

    A helper/apprentice just knows enough to get someone hurt or possibly killed.

    Unless someone actually passed the license master plumbing test or the very least has been a licensed journeyman for a few years your taking a heck of a chance allowing these barley skilled folks in your home.

    A helper/apprentice is just that they help the mechanic not actually doing the work.

    Several licensed plumber and journeymen had their licenses revoked (rightfully so) for allowing these unknowing people to dabbling in this trade.

    Even the unions frown upon letting a helper do anything that requires more then minimum skills.

    On the larger jobs an apprentice goes for coffee and carries the mechanics tools and cleans up after the journeyman.

    They have to start at the bottom to learn the proper work neat and take care of the hand tools (most of the shops would never let an apprentice touch a torch or power tool until they passed the 2nd year of training.

    As a 5th year helper they start learning basic codes and possibly doing more of the mundane tasks like using plastic pipe and soldering BUT they still must be watched carefully.

    After more then 30 years in this field I’m still learning every day (I started at 17).

    As long as the advice given on here is plausible and not a direct conflict with safe practices then there would never be any negitive comments BUT having a simple helper giving advice other then how to carry a tool box is just asking for trouble.

    This is why I constantly say “Ask to see the journeyman card or the License Master plumbers license” this is for your protection as a little bit of knowledge is a very dangerous thing.

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