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Avatar photoSylvanLMP

    This is one of my pet peeves.
    Water saving water closets of 1.6 gallon per flush are required, water savers in the shower heads are required, yet there is no water saving requirement for water usage / time to get hot water to any given water faucet.

    Sorry Jerry BUT this is one of my pet peeves also HOME Inspectors doing inspections of plumbing/heating and electrical with minimum of training.

    You see Jerry according to most model codes they do address this very issue about “water conservation” and fuel conservation VIA return circulation.

    Obviously you didn’t read the fine print in the model plumbing code where it PLAINLY states all H/W water having developed length of 50 feet or more from the source SHALL BE A return circulation.

    Have you ever thought about telling folks about NICO’s “Just Right” Figure 4750 of course not as a home inspector just doesn’t know about these devices.

    Nothing personal BUT I am of the opinion a roofer should inspect the roof and parapets a plumber inspects the plumbing and well YOU should know what an electrician should inspect don’t we?

    I am amazed how a plumbing apprenticeship is FIVE YEARS and the same for electricians and 4 years for roofers YET a “home inspector” can do it all and know it all in 6 weeks go figure

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