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    WPC, I cant agree with you more about using a laundry tub to catch the volume discharged from a washing machine with a proper air break.

    The Idea of a full sized plugged tee in a vent line above the flood level rim should be encouraged BUT how many idiots would then use it for a wet vent connection?

    I am sure you have seen many vent pipes drilled so rodding can be accomplished as removing a brass trap from an old galvanized nipple is asking for a few hours extra work.

    I think the problem is lack of code enforcement and sending out non skilled helpers instead of a properly trained mechanic as it saves money.

    IF contractors were given hefty fines for using apprentices in lieu of journeymen and having some type of testing as to CO locations this trade would again be considered an honored profession.

    If the governing bodies were honestly concerned about public safety instead of giving fines for not filing a new basin MORE concentration should be towards the selling of gas fired appliances to non licensed stumble bums and DIY folks who install home center specials.

    To many jerks out there asking a store clerk how to install a gas appliance Or asking a store clert sight sight unseen what could be causing the leak in a kitchen ceiling. We also need a higher caliper of inspector who actually knows their job.

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