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    Bungie and WPC As an owner of a video inspection system Microengineering of California and their fantastic locator AND an owner of SEVERAL water jetters (Jetmax) and owner of snakes varying from 1/4″ to 11/8 with capabilities of 3/4″ to 20 “piping I must bring to your attention the folllowing if you don’t mind.

    Most codes allow a 2″ waste line for a washing machine discharge for residential usage.

    Now considering the above writer did say “Trying to hook up Maytag SE 1000 Series 07 apt. size washing machine.” I would consider this a residential installation and thus having a 2″ discharge line.

    Now also from being an EXPERT SEWER and Drain contractor AND A holder of several master plumbing licenses I would also consider the fact that if these lines are NOT cast Iron they would either be plastic 2″ Garbage or Galvanized drainage Or copper DWV piping and fittings.

    Now I don’t know about your experiences but in My professional time in the field I have NEVER found anyone who used a long radius fitting on plastic Or a long radius galvanized Or copper 90’s UNLESS it was specified.

    The reason I ONLY use cast iron is I like LONG sweeps BUT this most lightly this is not the case SO thus using a Master plumbers mentally I would so say that the majority of 3/8″ snakes that could pass a 2″ elbow would differently get jammed up using a (Bungie suggestion) Cutter head through the trap and any angles past the 2nd 90 degree fitting

    Now as far as WPC Again even my FANTASTIC State of the ART MICROENGINEERING Camera would be hard pressed to go through a trap and ANY 2″ short radius 90 degree bend other then possibly a short sweep.

    Bungie as an EXPERT you can believe me when I tell you snaking will NOT remove the debris on the internal piping like a jetter will.

    Here Bungie read my article this may help you better understand WHY we EXPERTS never rely on tool to do it all.

    Have a great one Mate.

    Hey atleast we agree no caustic and useless chemicals should be used. Ta Dum

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