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    Sylvanlump: I have a clean drivers license. It’s a little tattered from age, but I be gettin a new one soon. Now this bonding thing, what’s that all about? Nothin Kinky is it?
    I have plowed the fields with stubborn cranky mules, I’m sure I could git along with them apprentices and show them a thing or two as well.
    This $40 per HR sounds mighty good…but what is a HR? and how hard are they to catch?
    As for the benefits, I still have some of those unemployment checks comin; but I can come to work for you soon as I get the last benefit check.
    I worked part time at the Home depot plummin department and I got lots of experiences and
    qualifications. Duz you have 401-K
    and retirement benefits? Uniforms?
    Hospitalization? with Dental? and how much paid vacation do I git the first year? kin I add my sick days to the vacation time?
    I’m sure we can work out the details. I’ll be there after I gets my last unemployment check.

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