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: : I have an A.O. Smith gas water heater installed by the building in 8/95. Im connected to city water. For several weeks I have been finding white particles in my faucet screens. It is so bad that not a single drop comes from the spot. The faucet supply lines are clogged with these particles too. I heard it could be the dip tube. What do I do now?A consumer alert has been issued that could impact millions of homehowners. If you bought a hot water tank between 1993 and 1996, this could save you hundreds of dollars. 90% of the residential water heaters built between 93 and 96 could have a flawed dip tube that was not manufactured properly and is actually dissolving in your tank. It turns out that the lines are clogged with plastic chips. The plastic is coming from a faulty line in the hot water tank called a dip tube. In many cases it is literally disintegrating. The plastic is picking up and that material is ending up in your water.A group on Michigan consumers is preparing to file litigation to go after the companies that sold the bad parts and tanks. Rheem, Sears, State, and American have made the bad part, as have Amcom and Profession Corp.For more information, you can contact Attorney and Counselor Michael A. Gagleard at 248-647-8590.Or check out WXYZ – Detroits web site on Wednesday, March 3.

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