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Vic, we had an acrylic tub liner put in 5 years ago but we are now having the problem mentioned in one of the other messages about water being between the liner and the old tub. Truthfully, we havent figured out how to fix it yet and thats the entire reason I found these messages while looking for a solution. The only other comment I would have is I have found it hard to clean using the products recommended for acrylic. The only ones that seem to work are the more abrasive ones which supposedly harm the acrylic. Who knows? Maybe by using the products that actually clean our tub liner we have caused the problem with the water leaking, but I dont think thats the reason. Another thought is your plumbing situation. For our home the plumber said we would have to do all kinds of expensive plumbing if we replaced the tub so it was not simply a matter of buying and installing a new tub. So for us it was an easy decision to go the tub liner route. Good luck!

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