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Steve Culpepper

: : : : In Australia the plumbing standard calls for a dual flush toilet system. The toilets use 6 litres for a full flush for solids and three litres for a half with liquid waste. The toilets manufactured by Caroma Industries are extremely reliable and environmentally friendly. They work on the European wash down system. In fact it is unusual to find a household in Australia that actually owns a plunger. That is how reliable the wash down system is, not to mention the massive water savings for the country. If you would like more information on Caroma water saving toilets please contact Sean Hegarty in the Export Division: : : Regards: : : Sean Hegarty : : : : : : : : : : Re. 6/3 litre Caroma cisterns.: : In Western Australia we are required to have these cisterns matched to a pedestal pan, however they are are problem, there is inadequate water to properly clean the bowl, the sides are left stained. : : As a licensed plumber, in the industry for some 40 years I agree plungers are not usual in most houses but toilet brushes are a standard requirement in every toilet that has a 6/3 pan and cistern. : : I have lost track of the number of complaints we have received on this subject, the concept is a great water saver, but the pedestal pan design is flawed, Caroma should get off the can and go back to : : the drawing board or at least listen to the trade and do something constructive other than trying to export the problem overseas.: : Regards: : : Bill Edwards: Im in the process of building a new home and quickly being confronted with buying toilets. The last thing I want to do is buy the inefficient 1.6 gal toilets. Does anyone know if 3.5 gallon commercial toilets : are hiding in someones wholesale plumbing wearhouse? Can 3.5 toilets without any conquences since I can qualify for the ADA (American Disabilities Act). If anyone has any suggestions please let me hear from you. Thanks.Yesterday I sent a message to American Standard about these inefficient 1.6 toilets. I dont know if they have addressed this problem at all. I have never seen any news about this, but obviously it is a big problem. Does anyone know if this has been addressed?

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