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    I am looking for information on Instant ELECTRIC Water Heaters made by a company called GENI or GEMINI Based just outside London. many thanks. Laurence woolf : : : : : : : : : Id like information about instant hot water heaters (the gas kind) and their installation and price. Anything on this subject would be appreciated. Thank you. Maria Folsom: : : Good day: : : I have an SPS marine propane hot water heater for my Beneteau. This a company who purchased the rights to Wolter Hot Water heater. This systems works very well, it is economical and very compact. : : : I have researched many systems and feel this is the best on the market. I have benn using the system for the past 10 years and have no complaints. The price is about $800 – $900 US. Get back to me for details: : : Steven borovoy: : : : Steven:: : I have a Wolter (now SPS) system as well, and overall am pleased with its performance. However, I need some parts. Any idea who is currently distributing these systems– and how to get in touch with them?: : Rich.Steven: Im looking for information on a company called GENIE or GEMINI who make Instant Electric Water Heaters for bathrooms[showers] and/or kitchens. [email protected]

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