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    You misunderstood, Sylvan. I meant that in order to use six miles of 6″ cast iron service pipe to go from the water main to the customer’s residence a few feet from the main, the pipe would have to make innumerable four elbow ciruits to use up the extra pipe. It would take about 27 loops per mile of pipe, so the necessary pit would be about 115 feet deep, assuming you were to space it so the MJ bells were offset from each other. But since installing 30 to 50 feet of one inch pipe would never pay for your quarter million dollar investment, you would install the full six miles of 6″ pipe. The approximately 700 elbows, assuming a 50 foot by 50 foot box, would give enough friction loss so that the 6″ pipe would be required. You would also need a 6″ by 1″ reducer at each end to connect to the house pipe and 1″ water meter.

    By the way, do you really still use lead bends in New York? I asked my instructor about them, since I have only had to remove them, and he said they are only used as a “make work” item or where plumbers cannot hit the rough in properly and need a flexible material that can be drifted to the proper location.

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