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    “I would NEVER install A T&P valve with less than a 3/4 opening Or would I pass the UNDER SIZED valves you blokes push off on the unsuspecting.” …. You modify a hot water system designed for a 1/2 valve to accept a 3/4 ….. we dont modify standards approved equipment over here. The manufacturers over here make a product, it goes through stringent goverment testing. Then if it passes its released onto the Australian market. Its illegal to modify the unit to accept anything other than those parts supplied.

    “1- Some many insurance claims do to the lack of proper training your bloody plumbers have? That’s why I listen to Michael THE “GASSMAN” HE knows proper piping applications” …. Sorry sunshine, but its because they are made in Australia to the high standards set by the goverment. Not imported from Mexico or Korea.

    “2- You bloody mates are only are known for exporting beer EVERYTHING else you import.” ….. hmmmmm cannot think of any American products used over here, except Ridgid tools.

    “Not to tell you how to mark up your material mate, BUT I mark up material a full 75% to cover the JUNK American corporations are making over sea’s and bringing back here, like cheap brass valves and lousy cast Iron GARBAGE” …. This seems to answer your own last two comments above

    “1- Normally a SAFETY Valve is vapor/Gas (STEAM) safety POP valves on STEAM boilers and AIR compressor tanks PRESSURE cookers

    Relief valves are WATER or liquid THINK about it (don’t feel bad I teach apprentices and Journeymen how to pass Master plumbers exams and boiler certification tests)” ……. We are talking about a hot water system, hence the T/P valve. Don’t feel bad,you teach apprentices and Journeymen and you consider a fourth year to be just a helper ?? as a third year I was running a six pack of units on my own, by fourth year i had fourteen trades men under me on a twin twelve story units. I pity your apprentices if they are still “cheap labour” for you as a fourth year.

    “Considering WE Set the Standards of the world in MODERN plumbing and your about 60 years behind us Believe me when I tell you that your SMALL relieve valve can and will fail when it is actually needed.” …. Actually you didnt, most counrties use there own code or follow the English system, since most plumbing was introduced by a conquering nation. Even Englands original codes where brought there by the Romans when they conquered the British

    “Remember Mate you guys don’t even have a jet plane made there let alone putting a bloody bloke on the bloody moon.” …. When the Apollo had problems, all the comunications were handled through Australia, next time we can get Libya to do it for you ?? As you have most probably noticed we have had three problems with QANTAS recently, what you where not told was that it was the same piolet each time, trying to run over the same bloody yank each time

    “Next time Loz comes here Or I go there ILL bring a GREAT “WATTS” made relief valve with me” …. This week then, since you said you were bring some of your workers to Sydney for the Olympic’s

    “Most 1/2″ valves have no means of testing ( no test lever)” …. All T/P valves have a test lever over here. 1/2 valves over there ?? you said they had to be 3/4 there, not 1/2

    “No wonder you cant give your accounts a good shake with those prices.” …. You shake down your customers ?? isnt that against the law, I know it is here. If not then at the very least its immoral

    Man your LYMES are something else, no wonder England made you a penal colony CHARGING that much for a bloody relief valve.” …. The closest i can find in the dictionary is this “Lyme, NH Zip code(s): 03768 ” what my zip code has to do with Australia being an expenal colony is beyond me. Wasnt it you that said you charge for and give quality ? $4 for a quality valve ?

    Im going to have a top weekend, my girls have been with their Grandparents for a week. Now we get them back

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