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    A 1/2″ temp/pressure relief valve my price is $48.64 + 15% mark up + 10% GST = AU$61.52 $4 ?? sounds like you are putting in cheap shit buddy.

    Wow You blokes ARE REALLY behind the times huh?

    As a certified low pressure boiler inspector and unfired pressure vessel inspector AND reading and understanding the National Board Of Boiler Inspectors code and the AGA and GAMA recommendations and reading the fine print of the ASME and knowing NYC Plumbing code.

    I would NEVER install A T&P valve with less than a 3/4 opening Or would I pass the UNDER SIZED valves you blokes push off on the unsuspecting.

    Has it occurred to you YOUR prices are so high as

    1- Some many insurance claims do to the lack of proper training your bloody plumbers have? That’s why I listen to Michael THE “GASSMAN” HE knows proper piping applications

    2- You bloody mates are only are known for exporting beer EVERYTHING else you import.

    We being a highly civilized country do have GREAT Codes that base the T&P valves on not only temperature BUT the BTU input AND knowing how I am a conscience inspector and contractor I use the AGA rating which is much more stringent then the ASME as far as sizing is concerned as per input.

    Now for a point of information MATE

    If we are using the T&P which is actually a combination of Pressure and Temperature valve we must take the following into consideration WHICH you Aussie “PLUMBERS” never consider.

    This is why You SHOULD leave this kind of work to the professional GASSFITTER like My buddy Michael the GASSMAN

    1- Normally a SAFETY Valve is vapor/Gas (STEAM) safety POP valves on STEAM boilers and AIR compressor tanks PRESSURE cookers

    Relief valves are WATER or liquid THINK about it (don’t feel bad I teach apprentices and Journeymen how to pass Master plumbers exams and boiler certification tests)

    Now lets THINK about this Article 4 of the ASME “Pressure Relieving Devices”

    HLW-400.1 (C) ” No safety relief valve shall be smaller then 3/4″(19 mm) Or larger then 41/2 “(114 mm)

    Considering WE Set the Standards of the world in MODERN plumbing and your about 60 years behind us Believe me when I tell you that your SMALL relieve valve can and will fail when it is actually needed.

    Remember Mate you guys don’t even have a jet plane made there let alone putting a bloody bloke on the bloody moon.

    Next time Loz comes here Or I go there ILL bring a GREAT “WATTS” made relief valve with me

    A 1/2″ valve is OK for vacuum protection and even excessive cold water pressure BUT

    Most 1/2″ valves have no means of testing ( no test lever)

    Not to tell you how to mark up your material mate, BUT I mark up material a full 75% to cover the JUNK American corporations are making over sea’s and bringing back here, like cheap brass valves and lousy cast Iron GARBAGE

    Why stock any materials if you cant turn a hefty profit on it?

    If folks want it cheaper let them go to a home center and install it with no guarantee on materials JUST labor. This way you dont tie up your money on dead stock waiting for it to sell.

    No wonder you cant give your accounts a good shake with those prices.

    Do they make each relief valve by hand like a rolls Royce?

    Man your LYMES are something else, no wonder England made you a penal colony CHARGING that much for a bloody relief valve.

    By the way Congratulation on your fantastic job making the Olympics a huge success, you folks SURE can build a fantastic swimming pool

    NOW THAT’S PLUMBING at its best.

    Have a great one and send my best .

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