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    A 1/2″ temp/pressure relief valve my price is $48.64 + 15% mark up + 10% GST = AU$61.52 $4 ?? sounds like you are putting in cheap shit buddy.

    Yep, after not releasing the valve for 5 yrs it might fail. Maybe you should explain that “fail” means that water will flow from it not that it will blow off their hand, as implied

    “killed several children due to a missing/defective T&P” … missing or defective ?? as you lead us to believe you were the states witness in this case i thought you might have a better idea

    “I do it for $85 for ALL my accounts every 2 years BUT hey I am silly as I want them around for future work.” … NO, you are generating work for now, please be truthfull

    ASME ?? i assume this is your standards ? AS3500 is the name here. ASME is the standard that allows copper pipe so thin that it fails on a regular basis. $4 valve to stop a hot water system from blowing up. Hot water systems set below the temp needed to kill legonela and other bacteria. Allow stormwater into the sewer system to back up during rain and spill raw sewer into the rivers and bays?? not such crash hot letters after all

    And all this after I agreed in another post that to much name calling was going on in here Ohhhh well

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