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    Jim, you fail to realize the Aussie mentality. They don’t have the ASME so saving $4 for a new T&P makes sense.

    Nothing like leaving a CHEAP T&P in a potential bomb as after all we Professional plumbers know that a T&P should be replaced every 2-3 years.

    I for one happen to agree with you Jim as after all the temperature / pressure relief device is the ONLY SAFETY on this tank the rest is an operating control.

    Here the probe (element) of the T&P is immersed in chemical/mineral water that puts a nice insulating coating on the probe so it may be off by several degrees

    Having a BRASS Valve in contact with a steel tank is always a wonderful idea as far as corrosion goes.

    Telling someone to try the test lever sight unseen NOT KNOWING if the installer even bothered to put a full sized discharge pipe safely to prevent scalding or if it is even full sized makes a lot of sense. Just because some folks testing relief valves do get scalded doesn’t mean EVERYONE will hey life is risk taking correct?

    I know I can buy a brand new ASME/AGA rated T&P for UNDER $4 BUT hey the old one could never be called to activate so Why bother JUST like the hand brake on a car its seldom used so why have it ever serviced?

    Bungie is correct WHY BOTHER to replace it every few years after all its not his house or family at risk.

    Explosions only happen to the other guy and the licensed master plumber may even charge a little over $125 for this installation I do it for $85 for ALL my accounts every 2 years BUT hey I am silly as I want them around for future work.

    Considering the valve cost under $5 and it takes no more then a half HR to install (with traveling time) Why not play it safe just like a yearly physical it just makes sense.

    But hey $85 is $85 and saving money for a great looking coffin is the way to go.

    Unfortuntly I was in Oklahoma right after a heater blew up and killed several children due to a missing/defective T&P and knowing these kids dies for lack of a $3 part at that time kind of left a bitter taste in my mouth.

    The handyman who caused this tragedy figured “hey its only a valve”

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