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    pwooten: If the warranty has expired on your garbage disposal, it is probably time to think about replacing it.
    Try this and see if it helps.
    Turn the operating switch to the off position…get a flash light and get down on your hands and knees under the sink. Shine the light on the bottom of the motor.
    You should be able to see a red re-set button there..give it a good firm should hear a click.
    While you are still on your knees it might be a good time to pray for the recovery of your ailing disposer.
    Most disposers come with a key that fits up into the motor shaft from beneath to help free jams when they occur.
    You can sometimes dislodge whatever is causing the jam with the handle of a broom or similar piece of wood. Never..Never put your hand in the grinder…ever.
    Now turn on the power to the grinder…if your prayer was effective and the force is with you
    your grinder will be revived for hopefully many more years of faithful service.
    Lots of luck…Bud

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