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Avatar photoSylvanLMP

    Hi Safeflow Plumbimg Welcome,

    Personally I like Brass Craft
    FIPS Compression.

    I like soldering on a C M adapter and then screwing on the valve.

    On exposed work I solder either a Copper Female ell or C F adapter and come out of the wall with a Chrome Plated Nipple

    The reason is a lot of the newer valves cannot take the heat of soldering ( 95 – 5 ) and a lot folks today never take the valves apart prior to soldering thus destroying the plastic spindle and or washer.

    By having on a screwed valve it can be replaced very easily with out any concern about unsoldering it.

    I never use the compression compression valves as they may not be able to with stand system vibration and the ones I did come behind were seeping as the nut was either too tight and had a hair line split Or were not tight enough

    This is a personal choice. I just dont trust the new imports as far as quality in compression ring materials. Years ago the compression ring had more copper content and was more compressionable, today they add all kinds of cheap filler metals.

    Good luck and welcome again

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