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    Bungie “Wiped” in this country refers to lead wiping. Brass to lead piping

    The reason I like using lead and oakum is longevity especially on roof drain installations.

    Here I install a roof drain knowing it will be exposed to summer heat, freezing winters rain and exposed to chemicals from cooling towers. Rubber over time will crack and dry out, Plastic becomes brittle and is not allowed in commercial work.

    Using extra Heavy Cast Iron under ground I know I have peace of mind as far as traffic passing over this piping.

    The piping I feel comfortable withHCI has a proven tract record with longevity, although expensive in initial installation I have no problem burying this product under a 4 ft slab of cement like parking garages or high rise building basement foundations.

    Besides the lead joints are sound asorbers and knowing I use 1 pound of lead per per inch of joint I have a 1″ lead caulked seal that will not work its way loose.

    Think about it we have Cast Iron water mains over 150 years old and sewers over 200 yeasrs old.

    Boston has even older ones.

    Why not stick with a proven winner?

    The prices I get I can install quality materials so why look for cheap quality materials?

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