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    Hey 4th year apprentice VERY good that you know water seeks its own level.

    But did you instructor teach you about elevation and the invert of the sewer pipe?

    Suppose the invert of the elevation is 22.66 AT a pitch of 5% over a hundred foot run what would be the elevation of the basement.

    You can also ask your instructors about sewer lines being 40 feet below grade and the basement only being 20 ft below grade.

    One of my accounts commercial has a basement and 2 sub basements YET the drainage soil and storm are all by gravity flow.

    Here is a 3rd year apprentice question for you. Using the above 100 ft run and considering the above piping is extra heavy cast Iron bell and spigot and 6″ dia in normal lengths

    1- How many length of pipe would be needed to do this job?

    2- How many pounds of Lead would be needed

    3- How many pounds of oakum?

    4- Suppose it would take 5 men 19 days to do this job and after 7 days the boss takes 2 men away for another job what would be the total time to complete this job?

    If you want ILL be glad to give you apprentice questions so hopefully you can pass your journeymen test with flying colors.

    How much water will all this pipe hold and how much would it weigh under a no flow condition?

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