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    Excuse me gentlemen, but I am the one here with the problem remember?? I think out of the 30 posting for my question, about half are related to my question, the other half are you “gentlemen attacking each other.

    Now, Back to my problem…. Yesterday, I turned on the outside sprinkler system, for the first time in about 3 weeks, guess what, the same old problem of shaking/noise was back. The sprinkler system runs off the main line about 8ft in from the meter, and 3ft from where the main line does under the foundation of the house. My question, now is, Could this still be a looses section of pipe or are we now, looking in a new direction. I did nothing to “stop” this shaking/noise this time, it was a pretty low sound compared to when the water is running in the house (and my wife and daughter were not home to PANIC), and it went away after about 2min. Now……Gentlemen, are we still looking at the same problem, or something new?

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