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    Ok, it is me again, my wife is about to move out and my daughter fears the water now. ALL because of this water noise. Now, here is the problem again. In the evening, for the most part. Sometimes, when we turn on water in the Shower, tub, bathroom or kitchen sink, or toilet, we get this SHAKING and NOISE like we are having an earthquake. The only way I have found to stop the noise is to turn on another water source (if the tub started the noise, then turn on the sink) Slowly back of the water on the sink, and the noise/shaking will go away. We had one plumber come out and say it was a pressure problem on the hot water (73psi). He put a compression tank on the hot water tank ($365.00). We still have the problem, the cold water pressure is at 70psi, the problem seems to happen in the evening only. Any ideas?????

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