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    Nick Hydro wrote on 13 September 2000 at 10:13 PM:
    Skeeter, don’t let this guy bulli you either. Theres only one valv there below the tank anyway so you turn it closed a little.<Wrong NOT all tanks have a shut off valve some stumble bums (NON licensed guys) use a tile stop ONE valve to control all the cold water in each bathroom

    He gets off on spelling and gate valvs and lisenses and weird stuff. So you got the job don cheap. good. Sure WHO needs licenses and INSURANCE after all Hydro drives a car without a license and takes his family to a basement doctor as the unlicensed guy works cheaper

    Education in the trades is useless A cross connection is impossible gas leaks dont kill and why do work according to codes if it isnt being inspected.

    why use a double wall pipe when a lot of times single wall wont actually start a fire.

    Go get em Hydro

    Then if you dont get it to quite down you call somebody good with his hands like me. What big thing can go wrong its already there and you only have noise.

    Yup nick you got great hands and other kills OJT and fixing stuff without any idea WHY

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