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Avatar photoSylvanLMP

    Hey Nick what’s a “apressur” reducer? Or a plummer?

    What do you mean by “choke down” ?

    Are you trying to say throttle down a valve SIGHT unseen?

    After all Nick you do know that if you “choke down” a gate valve your going to cause turbulent flow contrary to Hazen Williams formulas and thus cause possible erosion of the copper piping supply.

    Did you take into consideration the fact that throttling down a gate valve also causes hydraulic waves and premature Valve failure?

    By me telling him to look for an ANGLE stop this automatically tells me its a globe pattern type of valve DESIGNED for throttling HUH Nick?

    Hey Nick what a valve “belo” is this a bellows type of valve?

    After all you do give plumbing advice and I was curious as to your training back ground.

    Your borderline criminal advice is going to get some one severely hurt
    [Edited by Moderator on 26 September 2000]

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