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    1-Saddle valves are illigal in the better plumbing codes.

    2- Saddle valves pierce the existing piping with a much smaller opening NOT allowing full flow.

    3- Saddle Valves are normallly made of brass and connecting non ferrous to ferrous metals sets up
    galvanic corrosion, electrolytic action and premature piping failures and this connection results in failures resulting in either a blocked port or a severe leak.

    4- The saddle valve relies on a rubber gasket for water tight intergrity which does dry out over time especially on hot water lines

    5-The connection on the discharge side of the saddle valve is normally compression and not known for strenth or high working pressures or hydraulic shock

    SURE you can use it ask NICK as it isnt his HOME so who cares right?

    The main thing is GET IN GET OUT CHEAP forget Right as the right job should have no bearing on your decision.

    By the way Nick what Formal training do you possess in plumbing? As I am sure the code authorities would love to see your work.

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