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    Harold, Point of information OK?

    Would you ask someone to rebuild a Hoffman #40 air vent? Or try to repair a defective safety Or Relief valve?

    Now lets think about this example. I send out a a mechanic and bill the min service call $85, does it honestly pay to have this journeyman running around trying to locate the EXACT MATCH of this hose bib spindle?

    Or is it slightly more effective to have the mechanic replace this 1/2″ 0r 3/4″ hose cock with a new quality brass one for say a 100% mark up so the client pays $12. For this $6.00 Valve plus the plumbing mechanic labor of $85

    BUT NOW the client knows this job was taken care of properly ESPECIALLY if this mechanic cared enough to install a new Watts vacuum breaker designed for this type of application.

    That is what separates US Professionals from the fly by nights who have the change the washer or spindle mentality.

    Today Harold with all the home centers selling sewer balloons AND pesticides that get directly attracted to the potable water system don’t you honestly think the kids living in the home should be free of a possible poisoning or Hepatitis B from raw sewerage?

    How about the NON LICENSED HEATING MORON who wants to “fast fill” a boiler by attaching a hose to the boiler drain down (blow down valve) thus by- passing the back flow preventers.

    This is why Harold a plumbing apprenticeship is 5 YEARS and to be a “Master Plumber” took another 5 years to actually know WHY just repairing could be the most expensive job of the victims life.

    Have a great one and TRY not to hurt anyone today.

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