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Avatar photoSylvanLMP

    TheLocalPlumber wrote on 10 September 2000 at 04:49 PM:
    Your turn Sylv,
    I forgot how entertaining this site can be.
    The Local Plumber
    Tustin, California

    Hey Bill WELCOME back guy.

    When you have time why not consider joining my site the PIPDL?

    Rod and Bud and Linda, Dusty,Harold plus a few engineers and chemists and lots of LMPs are here hey 68 members cant all be wrong.

    we have open topics and now we even are starting FREE training in hydronics and HVAC.

    We even have some good ole Boy red necks LOL with lots of out house plumbing idea’s.

    We have a lot of your kind on here (Left coasters) like Larry and Linda who is co ownner.

    Bill just send either Linda or me an E mail and your in.

    The list is unlike any you have been on thats for sure.

    Even Matt the computer Whiz is on it plus several code officals looking to chat.

    Bill take care and Nice seeing your name again. WELCOME DUDE

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