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    You are so stupid, you don’t even know the meaning of words, go back to school you moron.

    Conceal = cover up, Hide, Out of site, Out of mind.

    Does not mean hide in the wall,

    Your such a lowlife.

    Your a failure, a loser and a not even a good handyman, if that’s what you call yourself.

    Me I call you a wanabe, which you will never be.

    UPC is where the code comes from, if you were a plumber and not a fake you would not have to ask where I get my codes.

    Sorry I’m my own boss, and have been in business many years.

    Education is what you need moron I don’t need it.

    Your the one that need pictures, cause you sure can’t read or understand.

    Get out of the plumbing industries, there enough wanna be’s all ready.

    Oh and SylvanLMP, don’t forget to take your meds, don’t want to see you kill over, I’ve just begone to find you wrong over and over again.


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