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    Idiot John AGAIN you misquoted the code WHAT conceal? A brazed REPAIR is EXPOSED DUH.

    The process of BRAZING is used even to BUTT weld piping and the brazing filer metal is STRONGER then the base metal. You also FAILED (as usual) to give WHICH code you took this out of HUH?

    In the future if you Quote a section of a code give the reference your referring to, NFPASSESTM.,NBBIWWA,SPC, SBCCIWS, etc., God are YOU thick headed

    No wonder you could never pass a simple plumbing exam.

    Brazing a pin hole Or soldering a PIN hole is considered MINOR repairs Further more you stumble bum non licensed brain dead handyman WHERE did you read WHAT this pipe was being used for that had the pin hole?

    You ASSUMED it was a water line Or you assumed it was a drain line Or did you ASSUME it was an AC condensate drain line.

    Was this pin hole caused by erosion from high velocity FPS or was it a defective soldered joint OR was it from a screw piercing this pipe?

    John your a stumble bum guessing WHAT caused this pin hole sight unseen YOU are a VERY dangerous idiot and YOUR boss should give you TRAINING in never assuming until you see the actual job.

    Go to school and LEARN the codes and ask a licensed plumber to educate you in the proper repair according to “code” John if Brains were dynamite YOU sir couldn’t even blow your nose

    John Think about this OK Wanna be plumber. A TEE DRILL makes a HOLE in copper tubing that allows for the addition of a branch line WITHOUT a fitting SO how can it be illegal to BRAZE a pin hole using a filler metal that is not only stronger then the base metal BUT the silver content is approved by EVER code including the safe water drinking act.

    Are you SURE John you know HOW to READ and understand without pictures?

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