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Avatar photoSylvanLMP

    John does this mean you are INCOMPETENT and you lied about knowing ANY Codes.

    John you poor, poor Failure wanna Be plumber, Your the BIG mouth saying not to code WHAT code I asked you? You poor simpleton handyman couldn’t find anything to prove you know ANYTHING about a simple trade like plumbing.

    Even the easy to understand simpleton code should that EVEN you should be able to understand, the standard plumbing code EASIEST code there is YOU don’t understand it wow.

    Hey Mr. Brain Whiz DON’T call yourself a plumber as your NOTHING in plumbing BUT a failure.

    John go out and go to school and TRY to LEARN something relating to SOMETHING to this trade, we have Enough Stumble bums dabbling here

    The standard plumbing code section 605.12.1 SEE also 605.14.1 and SEE 605.15.1 see SPC sections SEE 705.4.1 section 705.7 AND see section 705.8.1 ALL relating to BRAZING and Copper .

    John too bad you don’t know code interpetations, otherwise I would tell you READ AWS CODE A 5-8
    about filler metals and FUSION welding AND. Well, what’s the Use YOU will Never in your life be a real plumber as you THINK you know everything. My Helpers KNOW more then you can ever hope to learn.

    I’m sorry for you John But you JUST DON’T KNOW what your talking about.

    All I asked you to do is please tell me my error that you said I made and you couldn’t prove your NOT a lying idiot dang you poor guy.

    LEARN the basics guy before you think about making any real money in this field.

    Know what loser cause I feel so sorry about YOU LYING on here I still will donate the $500 to the Cancer society BUT in the name of WANNA BE.

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