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    This site is hysterical, here some guy says fallow code BUT he has no idea what the local code says But he does it the “corret” way like no one else does.

    Yup sir you SURE do want to let Plumer John near a torch in your home.

    PLUMMMER John sure do know his codes and sight unseen HE knows the pipe needs a coupling The good Lord gave him insight.

    My Good Friend Harold at least admits he isnt a plumber BUT he is trying BUT he is a great heating guy

    Now FYI a lot of times during a freeze up on the return bends on an air handler coil I have brazed this splits with silver rods where I managed to save the entire coil from being replaced.

    Brass fitting also split long before the brass pipe as they are cast and AGAIN Brazing is not only legal it is a stronger connection then the original pipe.

    As for Sticky Buns remark RE Epoxy for closing up a hole WHY NOT as the posting did not say potable water lines it said “fix a pinhole leak in my ceiling copper pipe”

    This pipe could very well be a condensate NO PRESSURE drain line from an AC system. A lot of “epoxy’s are approved by the NSF

    It could be part of a hydronics piping or even a DWV waste line. But the brain dead know exactly whats leaking sight unseen

    Only plummmmber John says do it to code WHICH CODE?

    AWWA? ASSE? SPC? SBCCI? Local, state or Federal code?

    PLUMBER John PLEASE State WHERE in the “code” it is illegal to BRAZE a pipe? please john tell me I need to learn the Correct way of doing plummmin

    Come on John ENLIGHTEN US show everyone WHERE it is NOT to code ANY CODE PLEASE John show me give me the code your referring to and section.

    As an “Expert” witness I have to give FACTS for accountability NOW John you be the new EXPERT tell US where you found brazing ILLEGAL or contrary to “code” YOU can even pick the code OK ?

    Come on John you be DA Man, You don’t want folks to think your a liar do you? Or a DAMN fool who said code without having proof and not really knowing the “code” or codes.

    JUST give me the CODE section your talking about ANY CODE your heart desires OK PLUMMMMMIN John?

    Hey PLUMER John when you show me WHERE and in which code you said I violated I will donate $500 to the American cancer society in YOUR HONOR. Thanking you in advance for your insight into “code”

    Please John dont fail us and letting everyone think your a moron who has no idea what the are saying. I could use the tax write off anyway

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