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    I dont get it. Unless someone is actually offened, until they let it be known so, it’s not really an insult or offensive. What happens if the moderator considers a comment a personal attack on someone, but that someone does not? Even retired wrote that he pays them no attention. I don’t recall reading that anyone was offened(if there were-my mistake). My recommendation: objective ignorance of all partys. In other words; dont take it so personal and get on with the disscussion.(for you less technical, less complicated types) I did a job for a “scientist” the other day and he disputed me on my slight variation of terminology of the his problem. He literally lashed out me “Thats not whats happening!!!” I wont get into details, but it was a minor, minor detail I assure you. He lost all objectivness to the discussion and my service ended with a sarcastic comment from him using my variated term. I paid him no attention an went on with my day.

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