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    Thank you. The pump is in a separate basin from the drain that I wrote about in question #3. Basically the water first goes through that drain, then through the 4.5″ pipe over to the large basin that the pump is in. Then the pump is used to empty that basin into the drain system that we believe ties into the storm water system in the street. It seems that the recessed loading dock is probably lower than the drain system, so it would never be able to drain to it. So this system was set up to drain the loading dock area out to the storm drain system.

    So back to question #3. If I am maintaining this property & I keep dirt from building up in the loading dock area, which would then keep it out of that drain; I should be OK installing a shallower drain that would allow for any little bit of dirt that may get washed in to be trapped, but yet give that basin a chance to evaporate so that it is not filled with stagnant water all of the time. Does this sound correct?

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