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    In reply to message posted by NOEL:
    I will be finishing my basement soon and I will need t6 install a sump/pump because the main drain pipe elevation will be higher than the floor.
    I would like your opinions on the best kind of sump & pump for this application.
    thanks in advance. [email protected]

    If your putting in a bathroom you need a sewerage ejector (think Duplex) If it is only for clear water a sump pump.

    Now one of the BEST companies out there is Stevens pumps or Blue Angel.

    Steven’s Pumps offers field repairable pumps and the longest warrantee available all for a very completive price. Jim Stevens is amazing when it comes to customer Satisfaction..

    Another great company is TEEL pumps that are available from WW Granger or Federal Pumps and a decent sump pump is Wayne which can be bought for under $120.

    These are the only pumps I would put in for my accounts as I hate call backs or problems.
    Feel free to E mail me as to why I pick these top brands

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