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    I know I have enough drainage fixture units for another sink their is only 2 sinks on 1 2″ line.Here in jersey that is acceptable.My question is they have a 3″x2″y on its side,horizantal and I want to cut in another 2″ y to pick up that new sink.does it matter where I put that 2″ y.Should I put it on the horizantal or vertical,I was going to cut it in the horizantal either laying the 2″y up or on its side.My foreman says put it on the vertical pipe going up connecting the first sink.The only reason why I am asking is I failed inspections listening to my foreman!!!!and had to do work twice…That is not fun!!!!Thanks for your comment even if it was not what I was looking for.MIke Does it really matter.remember it is going up the first floor and venting straight out of the roof.

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