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    To fourth year. In Australia we use manometers for testing Gas lines, I read your answer with interest, not that I wish that this happens in Oz, but it is a different concept of Plumbing. We use Air to test main Sewer lines at 30kpa for 3 mins, for domestic sewer lines we water test to 10 ft head we can air test domestic lines but to seal off all risers would be a big task so ures are set and we need an iwater is the preferred test. I believe that with the worsening situation of potable water we may have to end up with a manometer test.

    Stephen, In the civilized parts of the united states where plumbers can read and write and there are NOT corrupt plumbing codes.
    We do test DRAINAGE with either a 10 ft head of water or 5 PSI pressure.

    Now if we are checking Natural gas lines we use a manometer as it detects VERY small leaks. Never would a Qualified person use this type of test for waste lines.

    Now if the fixtures are set and we need an integrity test most legitimate plumbers use either an oil of peppermint test or a smoke test


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