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Thank you all for your interesting replies. I’ve learned a lot. The more I learn about plumbing, the more I appreciate what a complicated trade it can be. Something tells me the pipe I saw delivers a sanitizing agent to the bowl. It was a restroom in a gas station/food market and it’s logical that a sanitizer would be utilized. It’s a bit of a mystery how this sanitizing agent was routed… where its resevoir would be and what pressurizes it… but I’ll bet that’s what it was. Not to beat a dead horse regarding the charge pipe… but if any of you have the energy, I’m curious about this. Why would a jet flush toilet need a charge pipe? Wouldn’t it’s own flushometer make sure the bowl had a water seal? Why would this need to be augmented by a charge pipe? Also, what meters out the amount of a water that a charge pipe delivers? Thanks again!

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