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    Hello all.

    The problem was that the float was bad on the sump pump, and my sump pump was contiously running. The plumber told me that since the pump is continuously running that air was getting into the pipes and causing all the vibration/noise. (The noise occurs when I hear water flowing and it increasingly got louder as less water was going through, with the most banging occuring after there was not water left in the hole).

    This is pretty much been doing this for 5 years, with the loud banging noise, so he suggested that I replace the pump, since it has been continuously running for this long of a time, and that’s not good on a motor. He said he didn’t want to just replace the float on a questionable pump. he went ahead and replaced the check valve as well.

    As for the flooding…….my builder had told me to take the relief cap on my sump line discharge after there has been freezing conditions and thawing starts to occur in case there is a backup/freezing in the storm drain. Both times the flooding has occurred, it was right after snow, and I didnt’ have the cap off (it is now!). It has never flooded during very heavy rainstorms.

    Hopefully you guys can tell me I didn’t get screwed here….paid $362 for the repair but the noise is completely gone.

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