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    Hello everyone:

    I am really glad to see that my problem has raised so much interest. I want to thank all for your suggestions.
    Lat me clarify something.
    The brine drainage tube (3/8 in.) is connected to an adapter right under the sink. The sink pipe is connected to the GD through a T. Its outlet branch goes down into the short arm of the trap. The long arm of the trap is connected to the drain going to the wall.
    Therefore, the brine line, the GD and the sink are on the correct side of the trap, and there is water pool at the bottom of the trap isolating sewer odor. (By the way, the odor I get is not sewer, but more like a musty smell).

    Because the taller arm of the trap goes to the wall, the only negative I see is that the profile of the trap is deeper than usual. That is, the trap path looks more like a deep U than a J. This means that the GD debris have to claim a higher hill before they are swept out with the water flow And may be there is some residue left at the bottom of the trap causing the odor. I can’t believe that the brine discharge itself has an odor. But I could be wrong.

    I also don’t understand the need for a backflow valve
    and relief port mentioned by “Retired Plbg”. I thought the brine output from the faucet is isolated from the purified water from the spout.

    Anyway, I discovered some useful information. May be you can comment.
    I just ran into a water filter distributor on-line that
    has a wye-connector allowing both the dishwasher
    discharge hose and the brine runoff connection to be
    attached together to the GD input port for the
    dishwasher hose. This eliminates the brine discharge
    adapter from under the sink, such that I may now raise
    the horizontal line from the sink to the GD (going straight into the GD, rather than via a J-bend) and reach
    the drain pipe to the wall via a normally connected
    trap (avoids reversing the trap). If this wye
    connector is available with a collet for the 3/8 inch plastic
    tube from the water filter faucet, I may have solved
    my problem.

    Pass it on in the future, and thanks again.

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