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    In reply to message posted by Robert Stephen Morton:
    The hammer continued & after checking all open controll cocks found that by turning off the cistern cock the hammer vanished. hence We now use Ball Control valves & never have a problem except for jumper type taps – ceramic disc taps fix that problem.
    Vibrations are a different thing though & clipping & Silicon will fix that.

    I’m with you on that. Ball valves are definitely the way to go. I haven’t used either gate valves or throttling valves in any of my installations in the past 10 years (except in some commercial supply pipe installations with 2″ or greater lines where the gate valves are still considered “state of the art” (if only because ball valves in that size are hard to come by).

    I still stand by my impression that improperly secured pipes and excessive water pressure are the main causes of “noisy pipes” in otherwize well-installed plumbing.


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